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Rachel's Vineyard Retreat



Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat is a two and a half day therapeutic retreat for people who are going through emotional and spiritual pain due to an abortion or a miscarriage. It is an opportunity to retreat from daily responsibilities, to concentrate on one’s self and personal experiences, to bring to surface and to acknowledge suppressed feelings of anger, shame, guilt, and grief. This is the beginning of the healing of psychological and spiritual trauma. The program is made in such a way that it helps the participants deeply experience God’s love and mercy.


The retreat is led by volunteers who deeply understand the needs of the participants and are well prepared. They have previously participated in this program and many of them have gone through abortion themselves.



Fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings of a baby, who died in an abortion, also other people, who were part of it in some way, come to Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat seeking peace and inner healing. It is a safe place to open up your heart and be fully accepted and embraced. The retreat helps participants find peace and change past pain into hope and love.


Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat takes place in many countries. Since 2012, it has been organized in Lithuania as well. 


The next retreat will take place in November 21-23, 2015 in Kaunas.


You can register by email at or by calling +370 686 96455 or +370 675 75372.