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What We Do

Crisis Pregnancy Center was established to help women who are going through the crisis of unplanned pregnancy and related difficulties. Organization is seeking to prevent abortion in Lithuania and to care for the mental health of women during crisis pregnancy and after giving birth; also, it provides help in cases of post-abortion trauma.

We care both for the life on an unborn child as well as for the well-being of the woman. We understand women who are experiencing anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy and are at a loss, lonely, afraid to accept the new life, are looking for a way out, and, when they don’t find one, they choose abortion.

  1. We provide free professional counseling that helps women to make a responsible, informed decision
  2. We provide continuous, complex care for pregnant women who, because of an unexpected pregnancy, find themselves in a difficult social, financial or psychological situation. We also help those mothers during the child’s first years.
  3. Give lectures on the development of human life in the womb, the consequences of abortion, its effects on  mental and physical health of the mother, child and family.
  4. Provide individual counseling and organize therapy groups for women who have experienced abortion or loss of a child because of miscarriage or premature birth