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Do you suspect that you are pregnant?

Delayed menstruation and you have reason to believe that you are pregnant? Then we recommend you take a pregnancy test. It's rather easy. There are different types of pregnancy tests – cassette-like kit, pen-shaped, or strips. It does not matter what kind you use. You can take a pregnancy test at any time of the day, but it is best to take it early in the morning when the concentration of hormones in the urine is highest. We recommend not drinking any fluids, a few hours before taking the test, and to, carefully, read the test instructions, because they are different for different types of tests. Check to make sure the test has not expired. It is best to take a pregnancy test a week after the day your menstruation was supposed to start. If the test is taken too early, it can show a false (negative) result, because the concentration of your hormones did not reach the needed level yet. A false (positive) result can be due to an expired pregnancy test or because of certain illnesses. In the early stages of pregnancy, the second line can be faint, but it does not mean that you are not pregnant. Take another test, after a few days, and make sure whether or not you are really expecting.

If you are very worried about the result, that it may be unexpected or unwanted, it is very important to have people near who will support you emotionally – husband, friend, mother, sister or other people who are close to you.

Possible pregnancy symptoms:

Nausea (with or without vomiting)
Tender, swollen breasts
Increased fatigue
Increased drowsiness
More frequent urination
Change of taste
Increased sensitivity to smells
Abdominal bloating, constipation
Mood swings
Light bleeding or spotting
Back pain

But these symptoms may be characteristic not only of pregnancy. If you suspect that you might be pregnant, we recommend you take a pregnancy test. So, if, lately, you had sexual intercourse, your menstruation did not start as it should have and you are experiencing some of the listed symptoms, it is important that you take a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is positive, we recommend you see a gynecologist so that he could confirm or disprove pregnancy.

If the test results cause you confusion and fear and you do not find comfort and support from people who are close to you, we are ready to listen and help. Do not isolate yourself with your anxiety. Counseling is free of charge.

If necessary, our Center can provide consultation with a gynecologist and an ultrasound free of charge.

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