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This website and our support center were created for you and all of those who are going through confusion, doubts, fears, loneliness and despair due to an unplanned pregnancy. We want to help you during this difficult period of life – to accept and understand you and your situation as it is, to give you the necessary information and needed help by providing you with individual counseling.

Your state is not an ordinary one, because there are two totally opposite solutions, therefore, we want to support you and help you make an informed and responsible decision.

Every person faces difficult periods and trials in life. An unexpected pregnancy – at an unexpected time, not with the person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life – can also be a difficult period of life, full of trials, doubts and questions.

After finding out that you are expecting, even though you did not plan it, you are flooded with many emotions – astonishment, anger, confusion, anxiety, fear, uncertainty. All these emotions are natural and understandable. Even when a woman is waiting for and expecting pregnancy, she experiences different emotions – both, joy and anxiety, she can doubt if she is ready to become a mother, if she will be able to raise a child. Nonetheless, with an unexpected pregnancy, besides strong emotions, a woman is tormented by the questions: How to act? What to do next? To carry the baby and give birth or to terminate the pregnancy because she had not yet planned to give her life to raising a child?

It is not easy to make decisions about difficult matters of life, therefore, it is natural that it might be difficult to decide what to do in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. It does not matter how hopeless the situation may seem, usually there is not one, but several available solutions. Therefore, it is very important not to hurry to make a decision, but to try to, calmly, think through all the possible solutions. It is important to take into consideration the consequences of each choice and to understand what support or help is available, if you decide to raise the child or if you decide to terminate the pregnancy. Sometimes, it might be difficult to make a decision on your own or when you feel pressure from the people around you to make a certain decision. Then it is important to look for a person who would help you think over the possible solutions, calmly and objectively.

It is important to know that abortion has its own consequences, which may be very painful. Not all women go through a termination of pregnancy in the same way, but for some, abortion is, first of all, a loss which can cause mental disorders (depression, addictions, self-destruction).

Whatever you may decide – to carry a baby and raise him, to carry a baby and give him up for adoption, or to have an abortion – know that you have the right to be understood, listened to and accepted with all your emotions, burdens, doubts and questions. If you feel that, at the moment, you need support and understanding, that you would like to talk to someone or to share your doubts, feel free to get in touch with us. Our counselors at The Crisis Pregnancy Center are ready to have an open, non-judgmental conversation with you.