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I want to help

Do you know what joy is TO GIVE?


Let's build a chain of friendship and solidarity, joining together people who protect newly-formed life and help pregnant mothers by giving their time, clothes, toys, money or even opening the doors of their home...


If you want to help:

• You may become a volunteer and give a few hours of your time to "pro-life" activity.

• You may donate clothing for babies, children or pregnant mothers. Also, we are in need of various items for children: baby beds, bedding, strollers, high chairs, etc. Please, donate neat and clean items. All your donated items will be passed on to mothers and families in need.

• You may financially support the activities of The Crisis Pregnancy Center.

• You can support a particular newborn or child, his mother or family.

• You can offer temporary accommodation for a single mother with a baby or a single pregnant woman.


If you want to help- write us: