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How the baby develops in your womb

Although I am only 4 weeks old, but my heart already beats 113 times a minute. At 6 weeks of age I already have feet, hands and eyes.

Help after miscarriage

The loss of a baby during any stage of pregnancy is a significant loss, because a woman already has a bond with the new human life that is very closely associated with her.

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Help for men

The Most Common Reasons For The Termination Of Pregnancy

If you are experiencing unplanned pregnancy and are considering an abortion alternative, it is important for you to know exactly why you are making this decision and what alternatives you have. Below are listed some of the reasons why a person might have thoughts about having an abortion.

About Abortion

Abortion is a spontaneous or artificial termination of pregnancy which results in the death of an unborn life (fetus, embryo).

Life After Abortion

Perhaps, you think and people around you try to convince you that abortion is the only solution in your current situation. But it will be you who will have to face the consequences of that decision. Consider all the information before making your decision. Find out how your life can change after an abortion.

FRANKLY : Open hearts  
Zita, the founder of The Crisis Pregnancy Center in Vilnius, and Tomas, a public figure, are the parents of three children and they talk about the best time to have children and what to do if you are afraid to give birth.   More about the activities of The Crisis Pregnancy Center, crisis pregnancy and ways to overcome it on Bernardinai TV release