Lectures for youth

Our lectors:


Gailė Kvietkutė







Julius Žėkas


Lilijana Marcinkevičiūtė


Mindaugas Kukuraitis


Edvinas Dauknys

During  5 years, 432 lectures were held by the Krizinio nėštumo centras, with over 10,000 senior  class students attending.


The aim of the lectures is to develop responsible and respectful attitude of young people towards romantic and sexual relations, family creation based on mutual respect and responsibility, to develop responsible attitude towards parenthood and to educate young people about the unconditional value of human life from its start to natural death, human development before birth and the consequences of abortion.


Lecture   “Development of human life. Unplanned pregnancy, its solutions and consequences”


Goals of the lectures:

  1. To provide thorough knowledge of the development of human life before birth and unconditional value of that life.
  2. To develop responsible approach towards sexual relationships and its natural consequences, encouraging to take responsibility for one’s actions.
  3. To promote the importance of respecting life in its every stage of development and to each other.
  4. To educate young people about preparation for the family life, romantic friendship, pregnancy planning, solutions to unplanned pregnancy and consequences of pregnancy termination.
  5. To teach social responsibility and sensitivity to other person’s situation by helping a friend, who is facing an unplanned pregnancy problem.


Lecture’s methods: theory, audiovisual material, discussions

Duration of lectures: 2 academic hours.

Lectures are led by 2 lecturers – man and woman.


Regarding lectures please contact: info@neplanuotasnestumas.lt